Custom Jewelry Design is another Mary Barr specialty.

Using semi-precious stones, crystals and glass, Mary creates quality handmade jewelry pieces. There are no plastics or composites used in her work.  Additionally, all pieces are  strung using quality wire that lasts a lifetime.

Each of Mary’s pieces is handmade and designed with comfort in mind. No piece is reproduced although some may have similar themes or colors. Your piece will be unique to you and can be cherished for years.

You can always contact Mary Barr if you have found an item you would like but is no longer available. Mary will create something along a similar vein that is specially made for you. For your special occasions ask to have Mary design a unique piece to showcase your  outfit and bring the ‘wow’ factor into your world. 

Whether for everyday wear or for a special occasion contact Mary for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

To view the selections and details as well as to place an order on this site, choose from the drop down menu under Jewelry.  Each page includes a contact form that you need to fill out. Mary will contact you.

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