Wild Dog Canyon

I am currently seeking the right Publisher for my suspense thriller: Wild Dog Canyon

  Interested in this opportunity? Please fill out the contact form below along with some links to your website/portfolio. Thank you.  


Wild Dog Canyon

The eerie silence waits.  Inside your head the silence talks, it creeps. It is a silence you don’t understand and at first, you are not even aware of its presence, until, it curls into your sub-conscience and quietly waits to be recognized. In the stillness you become nervous, aware perhaps, that something is not as it should be. But, you are unsure just what you feel – or why you feel it.  The silence has wrapped itself around you and waits like a tightly coiled snake while in you’re mind you search for understanding.

Gradually, as the moments pass you feel you are not alone, so, you search your surroundings but see nothing, no movement, no sound, nothing. You can hear your own heartbeat, solid and loud, thumping in your chest. Every breath you take is noisy, ragged, and shallower than the last. As tension ripples through you; your nerves begin to tingle while, all around there is silence, an unnatural stillness that now holds you in a firm and frightening grip. To late you realize that Wild Dog Canyon is a place of danger and certain death. A terrifying death to any and all who venture inside its walls?

Wild Dog Canyon is nestled between to small country towns, the town of Mann and the town of Rumble, these towns have remained safe and untouched for hundreds of years; their inhabitants secure in their lives and far away from the advancements of the outside world.  Until, gradually they became aware of the dogs, just a few at first, or so they think. The dogs prove easy to ignore so the towns folk continue to enjoy the tranquility and peace inside the Canyon. But soon the howling of hungry dogs begins to echo on the wind at night and the Canyon is no longer safe to venture into after dark.

Desperate for food and multiplying rapidly the dogs must move farther out from the safety of the Canyon walls, together they move as one under cover of darkness. At first the farmer’s livestock is savagely attached and eaten, however the dogs are starving and learn to become masters of sleuth and cunning in order to survive. Soon the villagers are also being attached. Families are shattered and lives lost. The outside world intrudes in ways they could never have imagined. While, with each passing hour danger and death lurks, ever closer.

Be very afraid of the silence, because with the silence comes hundreds of filthy, mangy, starving dogs, silently moving forward as one. With rancid breath and hungry bellies, they advance. Wild Dog Canyon is a place to be feared, it is not the silence that will get you – be very afraid for within the silence, death waits.


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