Smellin’ Garlic

I am currently seeking the right Publisher and an Illustrator for my coffee table book: Smellin’ Garlic

 Interested in either opportunity? Please fill out the contact form below along with some links to your website/portfolio. Thank you.  


Smellin’ Garlic – Synopsis

The old 18th century building only held good memories. Inside, it was bright and cheerful and always felt happy and, now I know why.

On the streets of Paris, with tiny café’s and restaurants everywhere, the smell of garlic permeates the air, drenching your clothes, hair and coats. After a while you learn to live with it, but still smell it as only a non-local can.

Residing in apartment one, Mr & Mrs Philips live directly across the hall. For twelve wonderful years they have been my friends and my only family.

Now, I’ve learned happiness often arrives slowly and is taken from you in an instant.

This proved the case with Mr Randall & Mrs Rose Philips the devoted old couple I loved.

Arriving home one afternoon the police cars told me something was wrong. I’d only been gone a short time, but during that time, Mrs Philips had been strangled with a red bandana. Again it was the smell, not garlic this time, but sweet tobacco. Yes, I’d collided with the murderer as he hurriedly left the building, as I’d arrived home earlier. Although I didn’t know it at the time, he was the murderer and Mrs Philips long lost son. Sadly he proved a mistake she hadn’t wanted and she’d thought she would never see him again.

Only I knew the murderer, but once he confessed the story came out and not long after, dear Mr Philips joined his Rose in heaven!

You might think you know someone, but do you ever really know them? It was a question that haunted me long after the wonderful couple was gone.

How I’d envied their marriage, but how it had all proved a lie. But still, looking back, I was glad I could be of some help catching Mrs Philips killer. In doing so, it taught me again, that only the nose knows!

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