For the Love of Dickie

I am seeking the right Publisher and Illustrator for my coffee table book: For the Love of Dickie

 Interested in either opportunity? Please fill out the contact form below along with some links to your website/portfolio. Thank you.  


For the Love of Dickie

For the love of Dickie; is a poignant heartfelt story that will surely bring tears to the eyes of all dog lovers.

This brief account of loyalty, love and grieving come from the mind of a father who dares to recall and relive the memories of his youth. Now a man, he wrestles with the decision to get his son a dog of his own, for his ninth birthday. He tackles the love he feels for his own son Davey, and his desire to protect him from the possibility of the hurt he experienced as a boy, when he lost his beloved Dickie.

The soft words come from his understanding wife Abby and her meaningful silence bring to him a new perspective on old memories. The fun and laughter, he once shared with Dickie his best friend is brought to the for- front by a loving and nurturing wife.  Abby, somehow changes his mind, not with mere words but with emotion and compassion as she slowly reminds him, how his own son deserves the happiness a puppy can bring, not because of Dickie’s memory, but in spite of it.

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