Dahlia’s Choice by Hazel Elford

I am currently seeking the right Publisher and Illustrator for Dahlia’s Choice by Hazel Elford

  Interested in either opportunity? Please fill out the contact form below along with some links to your website/portfolio. Thank you.  


Dahlia’s Choice

Dahlia Monet is young, talented and very rich. She has almost everything she wants and is use to getting anything she desires. Dahlia Monet is the object of every man’s fantasy and every woman’s envy.

Two worlds collide, when Dahlia meets Dixon Carter, two very different worlds. Dahlia and Dixon feel an instant attraction, the chemistry, the need. Dahlia’s desires know no bounds and Dixon is defiantly the object of her desire. Dixon however is about to be married. In his mind his beautiful Penelope Penn-Jensen is the perfect woman and he remains completely besotted with her and blind to all else. However, Penelope Penn-Jensen is very different from Dixon’s perceptions of her. Behind closed doors emerges a self absorbed and disturbing woman. Penelope is a diva, consumed by her own needs and desires, to her, nothing else matters. She is totally unaware of being watched and oblivious that her bedroom sanctity is bugged. Dixon remains blissfully unaware of Penelope’s true nature and even when Dahlia pursues him dauntlessly, saves his life and turns up at the same social functions, he still refuses to see the obvious.

Dahlia is so sure she will get her man she begins making the wedding plans before their first date. She is a strong woman who has never doubted her own abilities to get exactly what and whom she wants and she has no intentions of waiting around. Two lives collide in a fast and furious way intertwined with many colourful, boring and likable characters. With two very different and very strong willed woman in love with the same man things can get decidedly interesting, but clearly only one woman can get her man. Dahlia’s love knows no bounds…

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