Misatale Manor – 3 Book Deal

I am currently seeking the right Publisher and Illustrator for this 3 book deal about Misatale Manor

Mystery at Misatale Manor
Mayhem at Misatale Manor 
Matrimony at Misatale Manor

 Interested in this opportunity? Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page along with some links to your website/portfolio. Thank you.  


Mystery at Misatale Manor – Book 1

Foxes Rule

Securely nestled, in the small village of Crocksley on Tyne stands a large impressive estate surrounding an imposing ancient stone house, known as Misatale Manor.  The Lord of the Manor, Lord Thumblevink, is rather old and often known to be extremely difficult. His monocle constantly gets lost; he dribbles uncontrollably and sweats the most enormous puddles ever.

A mere staff of two tries to run the Manor very inefficiently;

Mrs Rotund, the huge flabby housekeeper/cook, with small beady eyes and cheeks like red apples, has a long skinny nose; this has been known to attract baby birds, which have mistaken it for their dinner. She does not do much of anything apart from chop food with gay abandon, and eat far too much.

Botsley, the gardener/groundsman, is an extremely smelly man with not only excessively bad body odour, but also a continual bad hair day.

Lord Thumblevink remains under the false impression he is young and handsome and thus a good prospect for any attractive vixen he chooses. Unfortunately his sights are firmly set on one Miss Frilly Morselton. Thus Lord Thumblevink must endure the annoying company of her rather pompous brother Major Morselton in the hope of one day winning her heart. However on hearing Frilly is betrothed, to none other than the rouge fox Captain Serbaleous Porthole; Lord Thumblevink knows drastic measures are called for.

Every good home boasts its very own resident rodent, and Misatale Manor is no exception. Tweed and Mousely reside happily within the walls, enjoying many adventures plus a rather hectic if not difficult lifestyle. But on the day Lord Thumblevink feels Tweed has gone too far by playing a very unkind and nasty trick on him, it leads to devastating and far-reaching consequences for all

Lord Thumblevink has always enjoyed his sport, and retribution is sweet, but when directed towards Tweed who losses his tail, a trophy for his Lordship, Tweed
realizes extreme measures are required on his part. The sudden appearance of a beautiful Moeloulee, a very sought after rodent in the village, presents Tweed with a difficult choice and an unexpected opportunity that could benefit almost everyone.

So Tweed with his usual ingenuity formulates a plan, strikes a deal with His Lordship and saves the day. His tail is returned, none the worse for wear and Mousely happily sews it back on.

Lord Thumblevink gets his vixen, impressing the Major by surrendering to him the most desirable rodent in the village.

Tweed and Mousely remain the resident rodents at the Manor and are again tolerated by His Lordship. Botsley gets promoted and a little something extra.

And as the sun sets over Crocksley on Tyne Tweed admires his tail as Mousely cuddles close. Peace and happiness again prevail as Tweed realizes with Mousely by his side all is perfect in his world

Foxes rule at Misatale Manor.


Mayhem at Misatale Manor – Book 2

Mayhem at Misatale Manor is the second of three books in the Misatale Manor series. Many of your favorite characters a wait. Tweed, Mousely, the Morseltons, Captain Serbaleous Porthole, and the very memorable Curly the Moeloulee. Along with the unmemorable characters such as George the cat, Botesley the grounds man and Mrs Rotund the housekeeper.

Again, Lord Tumblevink, the wily, mangy, old grey Fox sets the pace. He remains optimistic that somehow the beautiful Frilly Morselton will become his wife. In this book Tweed seeks the return of his tail. Tweed’s handsome long pink tail is being successfully held as ransom, until Frilly is delivered and, Tweed knows it is one of his most prized trophies. However, in return for his tail Tweed, must make a deal with Curly, who is now the resident rodent, at Morselton Lodge. Tweed endures the perilous journey to her door only to be, once again, awe struck by her beauty, the way she brightly flashes when she’s happy and the soothing sound of her hum.

The suave Major Morselton and Tweed have somehow became allies and the Major encourages Tweed in his endeavors to secure his sister, Frilly Morselton’s hand in marriage to his Lordship. Only once that is achieved will the return of Tweeds tail become imminent. However, Lord Tumblevink my hold a title but it is the handsome golden fox, Captain Serbaleous Porthole that holds the key to Frilly’s heart. And the Captain, will stop at nothing to scoop Frilly up and whisk her away to his boat ‘The Dogdoings’.

Has Tweed stayed away too long? Will Mousley learn of Tweeds adventure and his time with Curly?  And, who will get Frilly Morselton’s hand in matrimony?


Matrimony at Misatale Manor – Book 3

To be written

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