The Golden Coin

I am currently seeking the right Publisher for my book: The Golden Coin

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The Golden Coin

What lies over the river? What lies beneath?

It is forbidden by the ancient village custom to cross the river. No one
ever ventures over the calm waters that surround the totally isolated
and insulated small unknown islands… And no one but Ricco, the local
fisherman, would dare!

Not only must Ricco save the life of his lovely wife Samarco; but also in
order to do so, he must endure the rage of the frightening, horrific half
life forms and other strange creatures he is quite unprepared to meet.
Ricco’s world is an idyllic one, where solid family values; loyalty, love, trust
and kindness are the norm rather than the exception. Thus he is
completely unaware and unprepared for the hatred, venom and deceit he encounters on his
journey to the Golden City. He wrestles with his limited knowledge in his
attempts to absorb and adjust to the many new traditions and
experiences he discovers. He lacks understanding and the ability to communicate
with the handsome new race of people he must befriend in order
to save his loved ones.

But does their kindness come at a price – Ricco may think not! But any
kindness to a stranger requires payment. Ricco remains totally oblivious
that he alone holds the key to their continued survival, and their very

But is the cost too great?

After his action packed adventures on the other side will nothing be the
same when he returns to the safety of his home? Or will he again loose
what he cherishes most, and be left with only what he had before he
discovered ‘the golden coin’?


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