Browning Amble – The Sect

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Browning Amble – The Sect

This story takes you to another a world and introduces you to a young girl who is born into the strict and reclusive confines of life within the Browning Amble Sect. The harsh conditions and poverty she must endure are an accepted part of her everyday life for she knows no other. The strict punishments and the laws of the Browning Amble Sect keeps its members reclusive and subservient.  Its bigoted beliefs govern and control life thus insuring its members never dare to become anything more than what they are.

The girl grows into a capable and intelligent adult where she encounters a unique and unusual set of circumstances that lead her to challenge her beliefs and dare to want more. As her journey continues, it takes her to a cross-road in her life.  She hesitates to move forward into the unknown but realizes that she can no longer return to the familiar, for now the dangers have become too great. She is thrust into a new and challenging world, a world we take for granted, but one she finds overwhelming.

A world of privilege, wealth and power stream lines her life into the fast lane and high society takes her from cocktails at the White House to travel in exotic places. It’s a journey of adventure, discovery and love that requires only the courage to forget her past. But there is a price to pay for everything, and when she walks the road of the rich it is best not to look into the shadows. For the shadows hold a very different existence than the one she appears to be living. With power, privilege and wealth come the tools that have made it all possible – deceit, lies, distrust and murder. Life is just as expendable as it was inside the Browning Amble Sect but, is administered far swifter and hidden beneath a velvet glove.

Are the powerful people so different from the unseen rulers of the Sect, or are they one and the same? Just as Browning Amble – The Sect doesn’t appear to exist neither do the men who ultimately administer control.

No one has ever left the Browning Amble Sect. It looks after its own and just like she was watched within; she is also watched outside its confines. In the end the Browning Amble Sect will punish those who disobey and the punishment is death. Just as Browning Amble Sect is untouchable so too, are the men with the power who control it…


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