Falling in the Mud (An ode to teenage boys)

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Falling in the Mud (an ode to teenage boys)

A humorous look at young boys as they arrive in the teenage years. Their unspoken need to fit in and belong, while remaining vulnerable, cheeky and filled with self-doubt. Some thought provoking suggestions do exist within these pages while following the growing pains, which always exist but are so often hidden inside. This short coffee table book aims to guide the fun loving adults of tomorrow by turning them into acceptable young men, today.

Nothing too serious can be found within these pages, but things mom often tells them are spoken of light-hearted inside the chapters.  Dating is the main topic in many, but not all, chapters. Identifying girls and the many types of girl they will meet, and how to approach and handle each one. Then onto the serious art of find a girlfriend, who to date, how to date and presentation that will hopefully, get them a few ‘brownie’ points’ with her parents.

With chapter titles like ‘Arse, class or the girl next door’, and ‘Don’t be late for the very first date,’ or ‘Love or lust’ through to how to ‘Impress with less stress’ and ‘Into the night holding her tight’. You’ll move through some scenarios while seeing in the unique adolescent way some boys do.

Several serious chapters include ‘Don’t forget to brush’ and ‘Cover the bod’  share suggestions on hygiene and the necessity for brushing the teeth and hair. The many challenges that face young men, who are dating for the first time and applying for there first job as they venture into the world on their own.

Falling in the Mud handles some delicate subjects that every boy should know but doesn’t, or chooses not, to remember.  Hopefully, they will go forth with some small amount of knowledge, skill and understanding so they don’t go ‘Falling in the Mud’.

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