The Oyster Tapper

The Oyster Tapper


The Oyster Tapper takes you into the lives of Soames and Pedro. It all began during their younger years, growing up in the sixties as best friends.Their shared love of Dune buggy’s and trail bike’s.While Pedro’s worked each day after school in the his fathers oyster factory, shucking oysters.

Soames and Pedro remained best friends and in their adult years become firm
business partners. Their shared success is not due to their continued friendship
but Saomes great gift. His gift was discovered many years earlier, quite by chance,
in the oyster factory, while Pedro worked. But, it is this gift which leads them into a very successful
business and wealthy life.  Until, Pedro and Soame’s are each handed a letter after
the death of Pedro’s father. The letter contains a shocking secret that will shock and bond
these two friends forever.

Available at Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords and Sony for e.readers

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