A Rosebud in December

A Rosebud in December


Hudson and Mastonia Black own a very successful horse farm and enjoy an idyllic life.  Their life is a true love story and they cherish every moment; until Hudson’s beloved Mastonia falls from her horse while riding.  It is the day before they are to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

A Rosebud in December follows the unique lives of identical twin girls, Rosemary and Lillibud Waric. No one can tell them apart and no one cares, they share everything and think as one. Overtime, they become simply known Rosebud. Their beginnings are humble; they are dirt poor and live in a trailer park where they are regularly subjected to beatings from their angry, drunken father.

With beauty, brains and a few coins in their pocket, the girls finally run away to the
nearest town. While one works in a diner by day and attends night school the other
earns her degree. Every day their lives alternate until they graduate. Then the next
chapter of their lives unfolds when they answer an advertisement posted by Hudson

From severe poverty and abject cruelty to the opulence, wealth and love of life with
Hudson Black ‐ the girls, still living as one, find themselves in a true, life changing, and romantic fairy tale!

Available at Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords and Sony for e.readers

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