Mrs. Dolymaucher’s Daughters

Mrs. Dolymaucher’s Daughters

Mrs. Dolymaucher's Daughters

Sadie Timmons lives in a secluded upper‐class village located outside London. Nothing happens in the village of Winton and Sadie likes it that way. Sadie lives a quiet life with her middle class parents ‐ her father Murray Timmons, once the priest at the local church, and her mother, Maude.

Sadie’s a solicitor and works for a large law firm in London. She enjoys her job and her life. Sadie remains blissfully unaware that she is not attractive and therefore, doesn’t miss the attention she has never had. With her career on fast track, Sadie is free to focus on the things she loves most; mainly her friendship with Cassandra and Dexter Morley and the object of her desire, her neighbour, Crispin Huntington the 3rd. Sadie’s obsession with Crispin knows no bounds. She spends many hours each night watching him through her binoculars from her bedroom window. Until one day, Crispin’s little brother Clifford observes, by accident, Sadie’s nightly antics. Delighted by his observation, young Clifford Huntington sees this as an easy opportunity to blackmail Sadie and earn some, much needed, fast cash.

While Sadie tries to remove herself from the situation she created, she fails to notice that she too, is also being watched. Mrs Dolymaucher, the creator of collectible porcelain dolls, stands six foot tall, has a square jaw and a solid body, greasy gray hair and a thick German accent. Once nanny to the Huntington boys she now resides in the basement flat of the Huntington’s mansion. She has lived there since arriving in England soon after her daughter and husband were viciously murdered.

Each year, on the anniversary of her daughter death ‐ a girl disappears. It takes several years before Detective Fox Hunter begins to see a pattern unfold. Many years of questioning and searching don’t reveal the girl’s bodies or uncover any clues as to their whereabouts.

Each doll Mrs. Dolymaucher creators is perfectly life like in every way. Every year another doll, complete with birth certificate and a set of designer clothes, is launched. The new doll has the same birthday as all the rest – it is also the same birthday as Gretchen Dolymuacher, Mrs Dolymaucher’s deceased daughter.

Like Mrs.Dolymaucher, Sadie Timmons is a creature of habit. She too, does many of the same things at the same time each day. Mrs.Dolymaucher watches Sadie. Sadie watches Crispin. Boris Wainwright watches Crispin.

Will Sadie become Mrs Dolymaucher’s final victim? Will Sadie’s face match that of the last doll…What happens when the watcher is being watched?

Available for purchase Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords and Sony for e.readers

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