As an Author, Mary Barr writes juvenile, young adult and adult fiction. Writing in a variety of genres enables her stories to remain fresh, stimulating and challenging. As each plot unfolds she knows the feelings, needs, personality and fears of her characters, whether they are good or evil.

Mary Barr’s books are pure fiction; at no time is there any relevance to persons living or dead. Her many characterizations are as limitless as her imagination restricted merely by the hours in each day. Each new book presents itself in a clear and concise manner and she must immediately put pen to paper if she is to capture the story before it’s compromised. It is the characters who build the plot and each story line is only as strong as the people it portrays.

Having traveled extensively and experienced life in different countries throughout the world, Mary Barr is able to draw on her life journey as she creates colourful and varied characters. It is these characters who once alive capture the reader’s imagination while enhancing her fast paced and compelling story line.

Choose a book from the drop down menu to read a synopsis of my books and to find the details, links in order to purchase them. 

Thank you.

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