WAX ART on linen. Bold oranges, pinks and yellows. Touched with black and white & sprinkled with silver. Set of 2 – #11 – Title: ‘Symphony of Colour.’

Pinks, yellow, orange, purples #

WAX ART – on linen. Set of 2 superbly blended perfusion of colours. Bright and lively with happy yellows & dynamic oranges & reds. Highlighted with black and white and sprinkled with silver. Black frame, white matt. framed size 11″ x 11″ unframed size 5″ x 5″ Set of two original wax. Titled ‘Symphony of color’

Price: $ CAD 325.00 set of 2

To purchase this item, please fill out the contact information form below.  

Please note:  Taxes plus shipping and handling not included.

Thank you

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