Artist, Mary Barr creates vibrant and unique artwork. Her latest collection of wax art uses several fabric’s from cottons, canvas and linens through to the more exotic, silks. Her medium is boiling wax, with pastels, gold leaf and fluorescence which beautifully captures the brilliance of color and flow. You will want to display her unusual and dramatic colors in your home.

When purchasing your sets, remember that all art comes framed. For each set all frames match. Equally, each wax piece is unique even within a set and cannot be duplicated; although, they will share combinations of the same colour palette.

Each handmade piece is custom and unique to you. Should you see a painting you admire and wish to have something similar created Mary will achieve the colour combinations you desire, but exact results will differ from any previous work. That however is the pleasure of original art. People prefer to invest in unique custom artwork.

To contact Mary regarding the creation of your individual painting, please fill out the form below and Mary will call you to discuss your options further.

We hope you enjoyed viewing this site and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you.

To view or purchase pieces on this site, click on the drop down menu under Art for a selection, details and pricing and order form.

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